Who we are

We are a friendly bunch of activists from the North West of England. We believe that ending oppression and violence must be done with love and kindness. We advocate veganism through a range of peaceful and love based demonstrations. As former non-vegans, our approach is non accusatory, however we are clear that everyone has a moral duty to become vegan.

Manchester Animal Action outside

Our mission is to actively promote animal rights until we achieve the ultimate goal of animal liberation. We stand against misinformation, which often incorrectly shapes or hides the truth about animal exploitation.

Awakening Compassion

Manchester Animal Action is a growing movement and we are gaining in numbers all the time. If you would like to get involved in this cause, we will be pleased to hear from. Our group is open, friendly and informal; and everybody is treated with respect and kindness. See more in the 'What we do' and 'Get involved' sections.