What we do

Our aim is to spread the message of veganism where possible and help people stop buying food and products made from animals. The way that we choose to promote veganism is through educating the general public, and in doing so; continuing to educate ourselves. We appreciate that it may seem difficult at first to make a change towards veganism, and furthermore: to truly appreciate the levels of cruelty in the agricultural industries. In order to better connect people with this message we organise regular events, such as:

Awakening Compassion

Every Sunday we engage in a cheerful, colourful vegan outreach event. We hold friendly, factual signs, offer the public free vegan treats and offer practical tips to help people live abundantly without hurting animals.

Awakening Compassion stall

During the discussion we do our best to make it as balanced and as objective as possible. We will ask members of the public questions too, so that we can better understand what are the common thoughts about veganism, and where do they come from. It is important for us to know the opinions of other people - vegans or otherwise - and to get continual feedback on what we do.

Awakening Compassion placards

Earthlings Experience

We hold this demonstration every other Wednesday and every Saturday. We show UK farm and slaughterhouse footage filmed in 2016 wearing masks to create curiosity and to allow the public to make a personal connection to the film, free from judgement. The focus is not on shaming individuals but understanding that most of us were ignorant to the harm we were causing prior to becoming vegan and to impart our knowledge.

Earthlings Experience

We emphasise that there is no such thing as 'humane killing' and we explain that the corporations who produce meat, dairy and egg products will never reveal the naked truth because their only interest is profit. We purposefully ask people what they think about the footage that we show, and many of the reactions are often very emotional. Most people seem to agree that what they have just watched is unjustifiable in modern times. Our aim is to show that the vegan way of life is liberating to both the individual, as well as to the animals; because by going vegan people stop supporting cruelty by no longer placing a demand on supply.

Earthlings Experience

A question that we often get asked is why do we wear masks? The reason behind this is because the person holding up the footage wants to remain anonymous to emphasise the cruel reality shown on screen. It is therefore not important what we look like, as the only thing that does matter is that the viewers attention is brought to the footage content.


As part of both events we also do ‘chalking’ which is another method of effective activism. We make sure that all our chalked messages are clear and not offensive. The aim of chalking is to raise some thought-provoking ideas in an inexpensive and artistic way.


If the forms of activism listed above have interested you then check the 'Get involved' section.