Get involved

We are always pleased to welcome new members who wish to come and join us at our regular events. Many of our existing members used to think that animal activism wasn't for them; because it felt too unconventional or even 'radical'. However, Manchester Animal Action is a peaceful and effective group of individuals who emphasise open-mindedness, respectfulness, and inclusivity.

Get Involved

Many vegans can feel that despite the change in diet, they still don't do enough. By joining Manchester Animal Action you will learn much more about veganism, as well as how to be an effective activist.

After our main events we often go for a meal as a group and socialise. This is a good opportunity to meet with other people with similar views to your own, and to learn much more about the group in general.


If you would like to join us, or just give the group a try, please contact us using either our Facebook page or via e-mail in 'Contact' page.